Professional Rehab Group, Ltd.
Our Mission Statement:
Our compassionate, dedicated and experienced team of
professionals strive to make a positive difference in the lives of
the patients we serve in order that our patients may achieve
their highest potential and quality of life.

Professional Rehab Group, Ltd. is committed to achieving the
highest outcomes possible for those we serve while maximizing
the reward to our staff of dedicated and experienced
professionals and to those we partner with.

Our Vision & Core Values:
To become the employer of choice for rehab professionals
one member at a time and the partner of choice for those
seeking rehab staffing solutions.

*We believe in treating our team of professionals and those we
partner with as we, the management team, would want to be

*We believe in honesty, integrity, clinical excellence and
dedication to our staff.

*We believe in compassion and dignity as we serve those in
need of our services.

*We believe in nurturing teamwork, creativity and innovation in
providing effective solutions to difficult problems.

Providing Physical, Occupational & Speech

Baltimore, MD
(410) 245-5030 Fax: (443) 281-5555

PRG, Ltg. At A Glance:
Since our inception in the fall of 2005, PRG,           
Ltd., a rehabilitation services staffing agency,        
has methodically grown to a team of greater than
30 professionals all by word of mouth advertising.  
 We believe that a slow and steady rate of              
 growth is the optimum model for achieving our      
 mission and vision and with a concentration,         
 dedication and commitment to our core values.

Currently we partner with over 25 organizations to
 provide rehab staffing solutions. We recognize      
 and are sensitive to the continuum of                    
 challenges faced by these organizations as they   
 strive to provide quality and cost-effective rehab   
 care whether via an in-house model or an             
 out-sourced model.
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